A Compute & Storage

Powered by artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing, and networking science

Low Latency

Computecoin provides low latency network services for end users via its proximity network


30% - 50% cheaper enabled by a hyper-competitive open market


Easier to scale. Computecoin is capable of executing a multiplicity of intensive computing tasks

Broad Coverage

Computing power providers located globally, enabling a broader geo-coverage

Reliability & Security

Reliability and security provided by blockchain technology and CCN's proprietary patent PoH

Autonomous Governance

Governed by Computecoin's community in a decentralized manner

Powerful & Cost-effective

Building a Decentralized Cloud

Data centers, mainstream blockchain nodes and idle computers around the globe are aggregated into one decentralized cloud, ready for developers and teams to create and build

Low Latency

Fast and High Performance Computing Made Easy

Enable a more efficient metaverse experience with dynamically configured proximity networks. Get real-time motion capture, 3D rendering and other compute-intensive tasks done faster

Reliable and secure

Patented Consensus Algorithm

Backed by US patent, Computecoin's Proof of honesty (PoH) consensus algorithm guarantees the authenticity of computing and storage services