August 20, 2022

Getting Started on Huygens

Getting Started on Huygens

A Guide to Huygens for Current and Prospective Computecoin Miners

Before You Start: Check out our Metapower Calculator

Any user can calculate the estimated amount of metapower provided by using the Metapower Calculator on Computecoin’s official website.

Step 1: Register a Mining Account

Two types of mining accounts are introduced in Huygens, phase two of Computecoin’s testnet, to facilitate miners’ daily operation and management.

Miner account is the primary account for mining. It’s connected to the wallet address and will receive all mining revenue

  • Miners need to register a Miner account on the CCN Mining Portal (coming soon).
  • Miner accounts have permission to add and delete any Worker accounts under their charge.

Worker account is a functional account that only has permission to host and remove rigs without access to mining rewards.

  • Worker accounts do not require any form of application except providing an Ale Wallet address.
  • Worker accounts do not have permission to add or delete other Worker accounts.
Step 2: Purchase a Mining Pass

The Mining Pass is a credential for each miner’s computing power, recording the maximum amount of metapower each miner’s account can provide.

A miner’s compute capabilities will determine the price of his/her Mining Pass. The more metapower the miner wishes to provide, the higher the cost will be.

Payment method: stablecoin issued by Computecoin Network. Miners can get 1 Computecoin’s stablecoin for 1 USDT or 1 USDC on Computecoin’s website (coming soon).

The value of miners’ Mining Passes will be used for CCN buy-back and burn.

Step 3: Post Mining Collateral

Each time a miner host one or more rigs, CCN Mining Portal will automatically calculate the corresponding collateral amount based on the machine configurations and the CCN Tokenomics model. Miners will only be able to host the machine after posting the collateral. If the collateral balance is insufficient, miners wouldn’t be able to host rigs.

Miners can’t host more rigs when the total metapower exceeds what the Mining Pass allows.

The collateral will be automatically refunded to miners after 360 days.

How to Participate as a Dome-A Miner
  • Dome-A will be shut down before Huygens starts. All machines in Dome-A will be automatically taken offline. Miners do not need to un-host machines.
  • Dome-A miners will need to follow the new mining rules in Huygens as other miners to participate in Huygens mining.
  • The posted collateral in Dome-A 1.0 and 1.1 will be returned to miners six months after the launch date of Dome-A at equivalent CCN value. The specific return date, rules, and the process will be announced in the near future.
About Computecoin (CCN)

Computecoin (CCN) is the next-generation infrastructure that powers all-purpose Web3 and metaverse services. CCN provides rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and storage power for Web.3 and metaverse pioneers: VR/AR developers, AI engineers & teams, metaverse end users, NFT collectors, DeFi platforms, and the list goes on.