August 20, 2022

Computecoin Ecosystem | Uverse, an AI-Powered Avatar Platform for the Metaverse

Computecoin Ecosystem | Uverse, an AI-Powered Avatar Platform for the Metaverse

Uverse: The First dApp to Utilize CCN’s Cloud Computing Services

Uverse is a text-to-video platform that allows users to create photorealistic representations of themselves in a few clicks with multimodality AI technologies. We are delighted to say that the upcoming launch of Uverse will mark the first dApp to use CCN’s decentralized cloud computing services.

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Why Uverse?


Generate high-fidelity video with lifelike facial expressions and real-time voice modulation with multimodality, multi-granular AI algorithms to decipher nuanced emotional content and recreate reality in the digital realm.


Create a digital human and or generate an AI video using available avatars at a minimal cost. Get started for free in the private beta.


Easily create videos in 35 languages. Uverse’s AI improves its computational precision through multilingual rather than probabilistic training. Its linear semantic analysis system also enables Uverse to deepen its understanding of natural linguistic patterns.


Uverse is built on Computecoin, a Web3.0 cloud platform that enables simultaneous video generation for massive audiences through distributed and edge computing technology.

Uverse & Computecoin

Computing Power Supply for AI Training

Uverse’s novel AI algorithms require extensive and low-cost computing power for AI training: millions of steps and thousands of epochs to train a model. Computecoin offers authentic and abundant computing resources aggregated worldwide at a 30%-50% cheaper cost than legacy cloud service providers for Uverse.

High Fidelity & Scalability

Computecoin’s broad geo-coverage and low latency network make it possible for Uverse to realize its high fidelity and scalability, significantly improving the end-user experiences and allowing Uverse to deploy its service widely.

A Shared Vision of Web3.0 and the Metaverse

Uverse is a part of Computecoin’s vision of becoming the ever-growing infrastructure to power and involve all these Web3 and the metaverse applications. We believe that Uverse will play an indispensable role in the future of the internet and humanity’s digital experience with Computecoin as its infrastructure.

This is just our first step towards the metaverse.