August 20, 2022

Computecoin Ecosystem Update: DApps and Products

Computecoin Ecosystem Update: DApps and Products

The team at Computecoin is happy to report that our testnet II, Huygens is going steadily and stronger by day. Huygens is just the beginning of what we’re building at Computecoin. We can’t wait to share some featured Computecoin products as well as some of our favorite dApps.

Featured DApps Developed by our Community

We’re beyond excited to see plenty of fun and innovative dApps by our amazing developer community. We’d like to also invite the developers out there to try out our dev tools and get creative!

Utility DApps


A community-built CCN exchange

What is CCNSwap: Developed by our developer community, the CCNSwap Protocol is an open-source protocol for users to trade CRC20 tokens over the counter.

CCN Secure Exchange

A community-built CCN exchange

What is CCN Secure Exchange: Developed by, CCN Secure Exchange allows users to easily trade CCN tokens with other members in the Computecoin community.


A community-built Computecoin blockchain explorer

What is Tokenscan: Developed by, Tokenscan is an explorer for everyone to explore and search for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and other activities on Computecoin’s Huygen testnet.

Metaverse DApps

Create your digital twin in the metaverse

What is Uverse: Uverse is a text-to-video platform that allows users to create photorealistic representations of themselves in a few clicks with multimodality AI technologies. Uverse is The First dApp to Utilize Computecoin’s Cloud Computing Services.


Digital real estate in the metaverse

What is iREAM DAO: iREAM DAO is a platform for creating and managing mixed-reality real estate.

NFT Projects
STEM NFT Infrastructure

Making NFTs More Accessible

What is STEM: STEM NFT infrastructure is an NFT platform that makes creating & launching NFTs easy and cost-effective.


NFT Marketplace

What is Revolution: Revolution is a standard pricing and ETH binding dividend NFT marketplace.

DeFi DApp
Torii Finance

Defi Protocol

What is Torii: Torii Finance is a DeFi protocol that enables staking, reflection, crypto loans, and NFTs.

Computecoin Dev Tools

Computecoin now has a complete set of in-house developing tools, as one of the new features in Huygens, Computecoin’s testnet II. We’re committed to creating an ecosystem that supports both developers and end-users to help them create and experience the best possible products.

Gitbook Resources
🔑 For Smart Contract Developers
🔑 For Ale Wallet Developers
Computecoin Developing Tutorial Videos
📀 Huygens Smart Contract Interaction
📀 Ale Wallet Interaction
📀 Enabling Huygen_Dev Network in Ale Wallet

Featured Products Developed by Computecoin

We’re delighted to introduce some of the key products that define Computecoin, ranging from our gateway wallet to decentralized storage solutions.

Ale Wallet

Computecoin’s native crypto wallet

What is Ale Wallet: The Ale Wallet is a crypto wallet designed for Web3 and the Metaverse. Developed by the Computecoin team, Ale Wallet allows users to store and manage crypto assets and easily access different Web3 and metaverse dApps!

Computecoin Compute Marketplace (CCM)

Accessing virtual computing resources

What is CCM: Comparable to the Amazon EC2 service, CCM provides users with virtual computers on-demand at a fractional cost of Amazon EC2 with lower latency.

Computecoin Blockchain Service (CBS)

Building any dApp you have in mind

What is CBS: Designed to support Web3 and Metaverse applications with ultra-fast transactions and almost zero fees, CBS is a fast and low-cost blockchain fully compatible with other major layer-1 blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Computecoin Supernode Service (CSS)

Cross-chain, decentralized, Web3 API (Coming Soon)

What is CSS: CSS is a cross-chain, decentralized Web3 API for all major blockchains with low cost and infinite scalability. CSS allows developers to easily and economically deploy dApps on any blockchain and have full access to the Web3 and Metaverse infrastructure offered by Computecoin.

Computecoin Archive Storage (CAS)

Archiving any data you want

What is CAS: Comparable to the Amazon S3 Glacier storage service, CAS is a fully decentralized storage service on the Computecoin Network. CAS targets users who need to store rarely accessed data and can tolerate hours of retrieval latency.