August 20, 2022

Computecoin Ambassador Program

Computecoin Ambassador Program

Computecoin is proud to present a new phase of the Computecoin Ambassador Program.

Computecoin Ambassador Program 2.0

We are revolutionizing the task and structure of our previous Ambassador Program. In this new chapter, the Computecoin Ambassador Program will be a community of leaders, doers, and thinkers who will expand the Computecoin Network to the general public by engaging with Computecoin on social media platforms, creating innovative content, and attending and organizing networking events.

Become a Computecoin Ambassador

Computecoin is continuing to look for innovative and resourceful ambassadors who share our passion for crypto, blockchain, AI, the metaverse, and other topics related to Web 3.0 to represent and contribute to the Computecoin ecosystem. We are dedicated to empowering our ambassadors with the tools needed for triumph, including marketing materials and guides created by Computecoin.

Apply Here: Join the Computecoin Family Now

Ambassador Reward

Computecoin Ambassadors will be rewarded in test Computecoin before the mainnet launch in Q2, 2022. On top of token incentives, Computecoin Ambassadors will form relationships and networks with other ambassadors and receive recognition from Computecoin team members.

A New Platform to Make Things Easier

We are delighted to introduce Computecoin Influence: a platform powered by Crewfire, designed to encourage new initiatives and bridge new and current community members with the Computecoin team. Computecoin Influence will serve as the prime tool to provide a seamless experience for Computecoin Ambassadors to participate in the Computecoin community and claim rewards like test CCN tokens.

Lastly, we want to shout out to our current ambassadors for their support of Computecoin. We couldn’t have achieved this without you all! Thank you, and we will see you in Computecoin Influence.